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My password does not work?

Our system is case sensitive. You must type in your username and password exactly as you originally typed it. If you still cannot access the member's area, please report this to us at Please include site name in your letter & transaction id.

How do I cancel?

Credit card or bank statement, you can cancel a transaction by sending an email to or call 1-800-961-8216. You can also utilize our self service site at

How do I look up my Account Information?

You may view your account information, or cancel your account through by entering specific account details into search fields at and the system will pull your records. If you cannot lookup your account information using this option, please call SegPay 24x7 Customer Support at call 1-800-961-8216.

My credit card does not work?

We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover and JCB. The following are common reasons your transaction may be declined:

Address Verification
Card is considered high risk based on address verification. Make sure that the address you listed corresponds to your billing address with your credit card company.

Invalid Information
You submitted invalid information or a card number or card type not supported.

Excessive Usage
Credit card shows excessive usage. Even if you still have credit left on your credit card, you may receive this message if you have used it for multiple Internet transactions in the same day. Try the card again later.

Banking Network Decline
The banking network rejected Sale. Try the card again later - blocks by the network are usually resolved/removed in a day or so.

Chargeback History
Card shows a previous chargeback history. A card with a chargeback history will not be accepted. A history of chargebacks and refund requests will result in your card being blocked for many Internet sales.

What is a Subscription ID #?

A subscription ID number is a unique identifier that is used for billing purposes of your SegPay account.

What types of payment methods does you accept?

We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover and JCB worldwide, as well as online checks drawn on U.S. banks, through segpay online check form. We can accept payments via, or e-gold. Please contact us for further information.

Where can I go to update my email address, credit card rebill information or mailing address?

You can visit where you can search for a subscription to update the rebill information tied to your subscription.

What do I do about Spam mail?

We have a strict non-spamming policy.

On the online checks form, where can I locate my Account number and Routing number?

Your account number is usually the middle set of digits along the bottom of your check. This number is between seven and ten digits. The routing number is usually along the left side of the check and is always nine digits.

On the online checks form, can the Name of Person on Account be different than the name I am registering under?

Yes. As long as the Name of Person on Account field matches the account information to be submitted, you can use a different name to register under.

How many days in advance do i have to cancel a membership?
1 day (24 hours)

What is member bonuses and how do I access?
This is exlcusive sites for you:,, Your login/password to bonus sites is same. Access to this bonuses will be available in 30 minutes after signing up. Can not log in? Click here for more info

What is,, and and how do I access?
You can get full unlimited access to,, and right now! If you purchased a trial membership, just renew it. If you purchased access for 1 or 3 months, or your account was already rebilled at least once, your access is waiting for you! To get in, add "ma_" to your login. The password stays the same. Access to this bonuses will be available in 30 minutes after signing up. Can not log in? Click here for more info

Have any questions? Pease visit our board or contact us by e-mail

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