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I lost my login/password

Visit or contact us by e-mail: Please include site name and transaction id in your letter.

I cann't login to member's area

Be sure you have inputed your login and password correctly. Our system is case sensative. Also be sure your subscription hasn't been canceled. You can check your subscription status at If you have more questions contact us via e-mail: Please include site name and transaction id in your letter.

How can i change login/password for members area?

Contact us via e-mail: and include your new password.

How can i enter to bonus sections?

Your login and password for, is same. Access to this bonuses will be available in 30 minutes after signing up.

How can i enter to,,,

You can get full unlimited access to,, and right now! If you purchased a trial membership, just renew it and your login will be added! If you purchased access for 1 or 3 months, or your account was already rebilled at least once, your access is waiting for you! To get in, add "ma_" to your login. The password stays the same. (For example, your login is 123. For your login should be ma_123). Access to this bonuses will be available in 30 minutes after signing up.

Right click does not work

Right click does not work for web sites: &, but it does not mean that you can not save any images. You can download any images using special programs like FlashGet.

I cann't play video files

Be sure that codecs was istalled on your computer. Download codecs you can here If you still can not play video files view topic here and post your questions.

I haven't flash player, where i can find it?

When you download page with flash graphic Flash Player must be automatically installed. Also you can download Flash Player free at

I am having trouble downloading Shockwave Player

An earlier version of Shockwave Player is pre-installed with most popular Internet browsers. Sometimes, damage to the Shockwave Player that's already installed can prevent your upgrading to the latest Shockwave Player. This can usually be fixed by uninstalling, then reinstalling, Shockwave Player.
You can download an uninstaller for Mac OS and Windows:
Shockwave Player uninstaller (Mac OS) Shockwave Player uninstaller (Windows)
After you've uninstalled Shockwave Player, you can reinstall it.

In some cases, it's actually the browser which is preventing the successful installation of Shockwave Player. In such instances, simply reinstalling Shockwave Player may not work. Reinstalling or updating the browser, then installing Shockwave Player should take care of this.

Site has a brooken images / page can not be found

Try to refresh page. If it doesn't help please contact us by e-mail: Please describe problem and URL address of page.

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